Vision & Values 

As an international congregation in Hamburg, Germany, our calling is to Encounter God, Grow community and Live missionally. Our purpose statement focuses our vision and priorities for the future.

Encounter God We place a priority in seeking opportunities to worship and meet with the Living God. It also means that our church desires to help others encounter God as well.

Grow Community We are called to ´be´ church and not just ´do´ church. We are to be a people known for our love for one another by investing in our fellowship, nurture and discipleship as we spur one another on to deeper faith.

Live Missionally We are called to live differently because we follow Jesus. We want to intentionally develop a lifestyle of joining Jesus in mission and look for ways to have our lives impact others in our world.

Our Values

As a growing community of faith centered on Jesus, we value:

  • Growing in the Word

  • Investing in the next generation

  • Fostering faith and friendships through small groups

  • Being welcoming and friendly

  • Openness to the diversity of world Christianity

  • Using forms that represent the international nature of our church